Epic Games Announce Best Fortnite Creations Will Go on "The Block"

Doris Richards
December 8, 2018

With Hades, we knew we really wanted to create a game we could develop in partnership with the community, and from talking to the folks at Epic, we realized their store would be the ideal place to conduct our latest experiment.

Installation requires elevation but holds no surprises.

Epic's store won't just be yet another Steam clone. The Store supports email and password accounts, and accounts from the Playstation Network, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, and Google at the time of writing.

All three are new games.

Subnautica is out December 14 and will be free for two weeks after launch, while Super Meat Boy is dropping on December 28 and will also be free for a fortnight. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will debut on Epic's store, with developers Double Damage Games saying it'll hit other stores "At some point, sure, but not for a while". At its most popular, about 8 million people were playing the game at one time.

And if you're not quite ready to drop money on a new gaming platform, Epic Games has you covered.

But while that revenue split might draw more game creators to the store, right now it's extremely small and simplistic.

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A friends system is supported, however.

The "much more generous offering" had sparked interest among independent developers, wrote Dustin Bailey on the PCGamesN website. Still, free games is always attractive and it will certainly increase sign-ups for the Store when the promotion starts.

He said Epic's process for adding games to the service would focus on the "technical side of things and general quality". And it seems that Epic is borrowing a page out of EA's book by making two games free each month.

Of course, Epic Games' store has a long way to catch up with Steam's catalog.

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