Girl Needs a Rare Blood Type Only Found in Indians, Pakistanis

Leslie Hanson
December 8, 2018

Zainab's doctors would have to line up as many as 10 donors to ensure that whenever Zainab needs a blood transfusion, she can get it.

There are around 200 rare blood groups in the world.

Now, her parents are pleading for anyone who believes they may be a match for their daughter to come forward and donate before it's too late.

But a small percentage of people - including Zainab - produce antibodies in the presence or absence of certain antigens, prompting the body to reject the blood. OneBlood, a not-for-profit blood center is leading the search for Zainab, a Miami girl who is battling neuroblastoma, a very aggressive form of cancer, CBS Miami reports.

"We have a zero percent chance of finding compatible blood for this little girl if we look in pretty much any other ethnic group", OneBlood lab manager Frieda Bright said in the video.

So the Mughals have had to turn their search to the rest of the world, relying on the goodness of strangers to save their baby girl.

The bottom line is, for a donor to be a match they must be a certain blood type and also be missing the Indian-B Antigen or the little girl's body will reject the blood, says U.S. organisation OneBlood. For the majority of people, getting the blood type right is all that matters.

Zainab's blood is missing a common antigen, known as the Indian-B Antigen. In addition, they must have type O or A blood.

So far, the organisation has managed to track down two donors, one in the United States and one in the UK.

Sandra Nance, senior director of the ARDP, explained that OneBlood has tracked approximately 59 types of rare blood with more than 120,000 donors on the registry.

Since sharing her story on their site, Zainab has luckily found three donors already, including one from the United Kingdom - the first time OneBlood has received an global donor for a local patient - but she will need approximately four to six more donors in order to survive. "We will definitely need more blood". They were unavailable to speak with CNN directly. "Zainab will need blood transfusions for the foreseeable future".

"She's going to need to be completely supported by blood donations in order to survive the cancer treatment in order to kill this cancer", she said.

"What you're doing to save a human life, my daughter's life, is incredible", her father said. So, please, donate the blood for my daughter'.

Her life is very much dependent on it, he said in a video plea.

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