Google wants its Assistant to replace your radio

Doris Richards
December 8, 2018

The search giant is collaborating with numerous publishers across the globe in the endeavor, including The Associated Press, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and has built an open specification prototype in an effort to bring more news organizations into the fold.

Going beyond a simple flash briefing of the day's headlines catered to some general categories of interest, a full AI algorithm borrowed from Google News will deliver audio content that it thinks you will want to hear. Looking forward to getting to use it yourself? "It starts with a briefing of top stories and updates on topics you care about, and extends into longer-form content that dives deeper into more stories", Google said in a statement late last night.

Google Assistant will also be ready with updated audio news when you access it again throughout the day, whether it be during your commute home or on a jog, she added.

The news reports you get from Google Assistant are about to get a whole lot smarter, or so says Google. And you can ask to skip a story, go back, or stop. However, the content is usually taken from television or radio casts.

Google has also released a video alongside the announcement that demonstrates just what it has in mind for the future of audio news delivery.

Audio news on Google Assistant will roll out first to a limited number of people in the USA in English. For now, a story is expected to be less than two minutes for short-format entries and between two and 15 minutes for medium-format listings. But its usefulness will really depend on more publishers climbing aboard and Google's AI selecting stories you actually want to hear.

The biggest advantage from a consumer standpoint is that Google is not allowing any sponsored content in its audio news. For now, it's only available in English.

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