Most US adults haven't gotten a flu shot this season

Leslie Hanson
December 8, 2018

Early rates of flu-like illnesses this season appear similar to those rates from previous year. What happened? It's simple and sad. Too many of us did not use that tool - the flu shot - for one reason or another. Now there is research underway to develop a universal flu vaccine that provides improved protection against more subtypes of the virus.

Flu season generally begins in the fall and lasts through March.

We grieve for those who died and for the families who miss them.

People with compromised immune systems are advised to talk with their doctor about whether a flu shot is appropriate. However, what parents tend to overlook are the serious consequences of not having their child vaccinated.

"Each year, the flu vaccine must be reformulated to ensure it is effective". Her husband could not remember whether or not she had been vaccinated. The child was not vaccinated for the current flu season.

Now, with a new flu season upon us, we have a chance to honor the memories of these and so many others by reducing the toll that flu takes on our nation.

The public is constantly urged by hospitals and health care professionals to be vaccinated for the flu.

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), vaccinations saved the lives of an estimated 732,000 American children and prevented 322 million cases of childhood illnesses from 1994 to 2014.

Vaccination is needed every year because the Influenza viruses change every few years and scientists continue to monitor which viruses are circulating, and change the ingredients in influenza vaccines to match them.

The season peaked in February and leveled off in the spring, according to a DPH report.

Insperity's senior human resource specialist, Caroline Hernandez, also recommends business should prepare for the worse during the flu season by implementing a flu action plan or an emergency communications plan in case widespread illness strikes. As it turned out, the vaccine was 36 percent effective in adults, and almost 60 percent effective in children. They purchased a large amount of flu vaccines - about 200 - and used all of them.

The benefits go far beyond that, though.

A flu shot is especially crucial for people who may be at higher risk for serious complications. Deaths and hospitalizations are prevented.

"The first thing we do is recommend everyone get their flu shot", said Cynthia Borgen, Beltrami County Public Health Director. Some people may feel mild symptoms after receiving the flu vaccine, but nurses should emphasize that the symptoms are mild and brief, and are very different from the severity of symptoms of the flu. This is a particularly virulent, shape-shifting strain that can mutate even while the vaccine is being incubated in eggs.

In other words, you have every reason to get the flu vaccine for you and your loved ones.

Vaccinations are a significant achievement in the advancement of public health, aiding in diminishing the detrimental effects induced by harmful pathogens. We can join together to fight flu and drastically reduce the toll of illness, hospitalization and death. For example, if you're involved in the medical profession and are exposed to patients, you may want to encourage staff and visitors to wear protective equipment to protect themselves or help prevent passing infections onto others. Maddy Dollar, a business management major, spoke about the significance of gathering the right information when it comes to the flu shot.

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