New Dragon Age Game Teased at The Game Awards 2018

Doris Richards
December 8, 2018

BioWare had been teasing a Dragon Age related announcement in the lead up to the show and, as of late, had been hinting at the future of the franchises that many of its fans have come to love.

As for now, you can find the new teaser trailer attached below. The words say, " found me at last.". Called out as the Dread Wolf by Flemeth, the ending of Inquisition positions Solas as the next big bad, which in turn makes it very likely that another Dragon Age game is on the way with our old eleven frienemy at its center. At this time, it is unclear if the game's story will continue immediately after Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the category of not-so-good-news-everyone, the game won't be released for numerous years.

The teaser was shown during The Game Awards this evening after Bioware showed off a variety of new modes and systems available for their upcoming release, Anthem.

The rumours were true - BioWare showcased the new Dragon Age at The Game Awards.

According to sources familiar with the studio, the game is at least 3 years away, and BioWare and EA have yet to even settle on a name for the latest game. Unfortunately, though, it appears that this project is in a really, really, really early stage.

Dragon Age is a fantasy role-playing series set in the world of Thedas, with each installment following the adventures of an individual who is destined to change fate forever.

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