Google Working to Reduce 'Gender Bias' in Translation Program

Doris Richards
December 9, 2018

Sure, there are still ignorant people that feel gender and their stereotypical roles should be cemented into society, but the truth is, women are doing jobs that men have historically done, and vice versa.

Google said it was planning to extend gender-specific translations to more languages, "and address gender bias in features like query auto-complete". Now, though, when gender is ambiguous in a translation input, the output will show both masculine and feminine terms, eliminating the guesswork.

Google Translate is getting less gender-biased.

Before, inputting a phrase that could have either a feminine or a masculine interpretation would provide only one translation, and Google would try to parse the appropriate gender by looking at context. Previously Google Translate would pick one gender when a gender-neutral word was translated, and that gender was decided upon in part by existing examples of translations. Translations from Turkish to English is the only combination in which he/she translations will be available for English. Plus the site says that when translating phrases from Turkish to English, such as o bir doktor in Turkish, you'll know get "she is a doctor" and "he is a doctor" as gender-specific translations.

Right now, this update is applicable to translations from English to French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Regardless of your feelings about gender and associated roles, it can not be denied that reducing bias is a positive.

"Over the course of this year, there's been an effort across Google to promote fairness and reduce bias in machine learning", product manager James Kuczmarski said in a blog post.

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