Avengers: Endgame Trailer Becomes The Most Viewed In History

Angelo Anderson
December 10, 2018

The distressing trailer gave glimpses of the heroes after their loss to Thanos in the monumental Infinity War. The first half of the trailer shows Iron Man stranded in the middle of nowhere in outer space with no oxygen, water and food. "*Immediate help needed* A man named Tony Stark better known as Ironman or Robert Downey Jr.is missing". The only companion he might have is Nebula, who is as more machine than human anyway.

The trailer serves primarily to announce the title and release date and achieves that with minimum fuss, there are no real spoilers though diehard fans and critics already have some idea of where the series is headed thanks to leaked information about future Marvel projects.

Now, while there's no solace for fans of Steve Rogers, there are a number of options for rescuing Tony Stark.

If this is not madness, then we don't know what is! From Captain America shedding his nomadic look (like it was previously speculated) to Hawkeye's new look aka Ronan and the return of Ant-Man in the end of the trailer has drove fans insane.

The level of anticipation for Avengers: Endgame is such that Marvel Studios probably didn't even need to release a trailer - they could have just set a date, dropped the thing in cinemas and people would still have flocked to see it and gratefully forked over their money. "We're talking about the safest box office bet since Avengers: Infinity War itself and the recent episodic Star Wars films". And we wouldn't mind watching it again!

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