5G Galaxy S10 model number (SM-G977) possibly revealed

Doris Richards
December 16, 2018

A new leaked image from the team at Mobile fun and Olixar cases claim to show this latest flagship in full with a design that appears to show big changes are inbound. That variant has a 5.8-inch display as well as 128GB of internal storage.

Upcoming Galaxy S10 already has a lot of surprising stuff up its sleeve. The price of those will be £799 and £999.

As with previous iterations, there will also be a Galaxy S10 Plus, which will allegedly come in 128 GB for £899 and 512 GB for £1,099. Samsung might make it more efficient, but how many users need it is the real question. A third model will offer 1TB of storage and that obviously means that it will be the most expensive version at £1,399. In addition to the yellow, the other two variants of the Galaxy S10 would not feature this color. Samsung also has a 5G Galaxy S10 that it will release in selected markets next year. They believe that the price will be around $1,800, which would be a little bit higher than the 1TB model. Now, new rumors have the named pegged as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ rumoured to come with 1TB storage
Galaxy S10 will be able to charge other smartphones wirelessly

Since the Galaxy S8 came, Samsung offered no compelling reason for consumers to opt for the smaller variant of the Galaxy S family's top-of-the-line cell phones, except for easier one-handed use and of course if we can still use that as a parameter: the price of the smaller variant.

Weeks back, the South Korean giant gave the tech world its first preview of the foldable phone. It's an analysis report, so it's made up of both hard facts and projections - some of which might not solidify if the Foldable Phone market goes awry. In recent months, reports have revealed that the phone could cost between $1,500 - $2,000. Galaxy S10 may have something similar. Are you waiting for this smartphone? Leaving the CPU and battery aside, let's check out everything there is to know about the innovative folding display.

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