Rolling out] Niantic bringing PvP to 'Pokémon GO' by year's end

Doris Richards
December 16, 2018

PvP is finally here in Pokemon GO, and while you may not be able to participate for awhile (the feature is rolling out slowly based on trainer level), you should know what to do once you can. The features allows player-versus-player battles in the game.

You can choose any three Pokemon characters from your collection to battle with other trainers. Tap your trainer's face in the bottom left to bring up the menu, then swipe to get to your Friends.

To actually do battle, you'll have to make sure the other person is agreement to the idea. Either way, you'll want to save up on in-game resources like Stardust and sweets, using them to unlock new Charge attacks ahead of battles for characters like Dragonite or Tyranitar can cost 75,000 Stardust and 75 sweets. There is also an option to remotely battle with contenders who are listed as your Ultra Friends and Best Friends on Pokemon Go or practice with some artificial intelligence (AI) backed team leaders. That's the team you'll be using when other people request to fight you. Fighting is pretty much the same as it's always been, with some changes to how charge attacks work.

In addition to the Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks that can already be used in other types of battles in the game, players can unlock an additional Charged Attack by using Stardust and Candy.

The first step to get started is by making your line up of Pokemon you'd want to fight with by creating a custom Battle party. However, that is not the case for the medals they will earn after the end of the battle. Any activity should raise your friendship level, so get it up there and you can do more battles.

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