Elon Musk teases what SpaceX’s Starship test vehicle will look like

Mindy Sparks
January 8, 2019

In the future, Starship will be able to carry out lunar missions as well as long-distance flights to Mars and beyond.

Elon's $ 5 billion space toy is now being assembled at its Boca Chica, Texas launch facility.

Elon Musk has released a teaser of the SpaceX Starship, and many are intrigued and trying to take the flawless picture of yet another marvel from SpaceX.

As of now, it is being assembled at its launch facility of Boca Chica, Texas. According to various sources, the real thing is supposed to be much better when compared with this prototype.

Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday to post concept artwork of SpaceX's Starship test vehicle.

In December, Musk shared a picture of the Starship vehicle and revealed that it would be made out of stainless steel, like the Atlas rockets of 1950s, but would have different architectural style. The company also reportedly plans to replace their current Falcon and Falcon Heavy rockets with this starship model in the near future, making the success of the hopper extremely important to the company. While images of the spacecraft's assemblage have been steadily emerging, many followers were surprised by the design presented in Musk's latest tweets. The space vehicle earlier titled BFR was renamed to The Starship in November by Elon Musk, inspired by the sci-pop franchise Star Trek.

Cowboy Dan has shared a attractive photo of the spacecraft during sunrise.

This recent development has rendered the fans quite excited in the hopes of what is to come. That explains why this is not the final design which is expected to be prettier and have windows.

This operational version will likely be 30 feet wide and much taller than Starship hopper. We have our fingers crossed to see what SpaceX has in store for us!

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