Flu numbers on the rise as 13 children die — CDC

Leslie Hanson
January 8, 2019

"You know, past year was a historic flu season with really high numbers". While doctors believe this year won't be as a severe, there is still a while to go before we can see if these predictions ring true.

Comparing numbers from this flu season to the last one: On December 31, 2017, there were already 364 lab-confirmed cases of influenza in Greene County and 17,182 cases in the state as a whole.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the inactivated flu shot as the primary choice for children "because it has provided the most consistent protection against all strains of the flu virus in recent years". "It's not too late to go and get your flu shot". So far, 11 children have died from flu-related complications.

However, the new flu season affected the southern USA, from SC to New Mexico, and even up to Utah the most, so far. New Jersey and NY have also seen a fair share of cases. The northern hemisphere of the United States has seen minimal signs of the disease. This strain has been the most common among flu cases in the USA, according to the CDC. H1N1 tends to be the most unsafe for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

There is a precaution against giving the nasal spray flu vaccine to people with certain chronic health conditions because the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine in people with those conditions have not been established, says the CDC. The excellent news would be that the specialists predict a harmless influenza season this year.

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