Google Chrome to Expand Ad Blocking Worldwide on July 9th

Doris Richards
January 10, 2019

Google has confirmed that it is making the native ad-block functionality in its Chrome web browser an global experience, starting in July this year.

The initiative was put to action after Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads to improve the online ads, however, these changes were so far limited to US, Canada, and Europe.

In February 2018, Google rolled out an update to Chrome created to block abusive ad experiences. These include pop-up ads, presidential ads, large sticky ads, Auto-play video ads and many more.

Chrome users who want to continue seeing ads on abusive sites can disable this feature by going into Settings and searching for "Ads " or by going to Settings - Advanced - Content - Ads.

Google claims that users' experience on the Web ranks higher on the company's priority list compared to the money they generate for the search giant.

The Coalition for Better Ads recently announced that it would expand its Better Ads Standards beyond North America and Europe to cover all countries and Google is following suit with its own ad blocking efforts. Google will first warn the concerned parties if an ad is detrimental to users' web experience, and if they fail to take necessary action, Chrome will block them on the website. Now, the Coalition is expanding - and Google is following suit by expanding the on-by-default blocker to all global users later this year.

"In the U.S., Canada, and Europe, website owners have successfully been able to make changes to the ads on their sites". With the CBA's announcement of the worldwide expansion of the Better Ads Standards, Google said Chrome's ad filtering will apply globally, too. The search giant says two-thirds of the websites previously breaching the guidelines have altered their strategy to comply with them, and that it has only filtered one percent of ads using this scheme out of millions it investigated. From their they can toggle the setting for "Blocked on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads (recommended)" to "Allowed" as shown below.

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