Samsung Has Prevented Some Galaxy Smartphone Owners From Deleting Facebook App

Doris Richards
January 10, 2019

The report adds that programers have been filing bug reports on developer platforms to notify that the Facebook SDK automatically shares data "before apps are able to ask users to agree or consent". A T-Mobile Galaxy S9 comes with Facebook and Amazon preinstalled, but also Google apps like YouTube, Google Play Music, and Gmail.

Out of the 34 apps on the Android mobile operating system analysed by Privacy International between August and December 2018, 23 apps were found to send data to Facebook the moment a user launched them.

At present, neither Samsung nor Facebook responded to the issue faced by Samsung users.

'Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do? "We the consumer should have a say in what we want and don't want on our products".

Apparently, when some Samsung users tried to delete the pre-installed Facebook app, they found there was simply no "delete" option.

Users can't delete these (except by hacking into their devices), and they can instead only be disabled and hidden. The company further claims that whether the app is removable depends on pre-install deals Facebook has made with various phone manufacturers, OS providers, and carriers.

But Facebook, which has spent the past year apologizing for security breaches and data privacy scandals, is the one drawing ire about its irrevocable presence on Samsung's phones. These apps each have an install base from 10 to 500 million, and they include educational tool Duolingo, flight search engine Skyscanner, travel site Kayak and job database Indeed.

However, the customer isn't informed about any of this before a purchase is made.

Many parents, this one included, have decided that their children should not use any form of social media, including IM apps such as Whatsapp, due to the threat they pose to their mental health. "Time to move on".

Early this morning, Bloomberg reported that Samsung doesn't let users uninstall the Facebook app from some of its phones. Jeff Chester, an executive director of the Center of Digital Democracy, actually said that people have started to understand that apps can be a powerful tool for their creators, that they can spy you without a problem, as you're constantly using your phone, and carry it around with you at all times, pretty much. "If I can't delete it, this will be the last Samsung product I ever own". If there's an event coming up on Facebook, he never marks that he's going or interested, even if he is, because he dislikes that his attendance will advertise the event to his other friends.

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