Samsung unveils 'The Wall,' a 219-inch television

Angelo Anderson
January 11, 2019

Samsung is showing a massive 219 inch television at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.

For those of you who think a screen like this is better suited to a stadium than a living room, a 75-inch modular version is also coming out. The users will be able to customize this insanely large TV screen as per their own liking using modular kind of units that could be joined together.

Using new technology that uses less energy that televisions that are now in use, "The Wall" is actually made up of modules that allows owners to configure the set however they choose.

As the name implies, televisions based on the Micro LED technology use tens of millions of individually-controlled tiny LEDs (25M in case of "The Window") that do not require any backlighting, which is why they can offer a very high contrast ratio.

Samsung demonstrated its first 146-inch "The Wall" TV featuring 1,600 nits brightness at last year's CES and released in mid-2018. That's more than 18 feet.

The LG Signature OLED TV R can also be partially rolled out - a mode that shows about 25% of the screen for simple displays like time and weather. Samsung hasn't yet quoted any price for The Wall.

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