Netflix's 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' sued for possible trademark infringement

Angelo Anderson
January 12, 2019

However, Chooseco, the company that actually owns the trademark for the Choose Your Own Adventure book series, is now suing them for $25 million in damages.

In Bandersnatch, a young programmer is adapting a famous and mysterious choose your own adventure novel into a video game, which sends him down a plight of morality and outcome as he digs deeper and deeper into the meaning of free will. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chooseco reported that Netflix sought to acquire this trademark but was never granted the license.

Referencing Netflix pursuing a licence in 2016, the complaint stated: "Chooseco and Netflix engaged in extensive negotiations that were ongoing for a number of years, but Netflix did not receive a licence". Chooseco had even sent a cease and desist asking Netflix to stop using the "Choose Your Own Adventure" mark, according to the complaint.

The publisher's filing alleged that Netflix is benefiting from an association with the phrase, adding that Bandersnatch has been marketed and widely linked to the phrase.

The plaintiff said 20th Century Fox now holds an options contract to develop an interactive series based on the books, which allow readers to influence the story they are reading by turning to different pages.

It has been reported that the suit also references a scene in the film where the lead character is asked what inspired him to create the game and he responds: 'It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book'.

Let's just get this out of the way: I hated Netflix's Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch. "The misappropriation of the trademark without permission puts Chooseco in a hard situation as the graphic and offensive nature of the content is particularly damaging for fans of the series young and old, and tarnishes the mark".

"Its use of quotes and capital letters in the subtitles is further evidence of Netflix's knowing and willful use of Chooseco's trademark", they said.

Netflix declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline.

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