Google confirms they’re discontinuing the Chromecast Audio

Angelo Anderson
January 13, 2019

It's possible Google could address this gap by adding an audio-out port to future Google Home products, but it's given no indication it plans to do so. In a statement to the media, the company confirmed it stopped manufacturing Chromecast Audio products and said that, as its product portfolio has evolved, it now offers a variety of other products "for users to enjoy audio".

Introduced in 2015, Chromecast Audio is essentially a standard Chromecast, but for audio. However, Google obviously feels the Chromecast Audio's time is up.

Though Chromecast Audio had its own appealing features, it's worth noting that the regular Chromecast dongle can also be used to cast music content - the downside being that it will be played through whatever device the HDMI is connected to, such as a TV. Still, there are already thousands of traditional speakers without any casting ability at all that could benefit from Chromecast Audio.

Either way, the brilliant little dongle that has transformed multiple speakers in my home and office is officially being canned by Google. Once the stock of the Chromecast Audio finished at any retailer, it wasn't replenished. It was already a steal at $35; at $15, you better grab them while they last. In India too, the Chromecast Audio is out of stock in most places. But the Chromecast Audio was a great way to tack on smart functionality to existing or exotic audio setups.

Chromecast Audio was a small and affordable way to stream audio from your phone to a pair of active speakers with a line-in or optical input.

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