Million People Have Already Been Sick With the Flu Says CDC

Leslie Hanson
January 14, 2019

"Some people, such as older adults, young children, pregnant women, nursing home residents, and people with asthma, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity, are more likely to develop flu-related complications".

Fever above 100 F (38 C), though not everyone with the flu has a fever.

Three people have died from the flu in ME so far this season, according to the state's Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Flu season is in full swing in the Hudson Valley, with dozens of reported cases now being treated by doctors in the area. "But it does not look anywhere as severe as previous year, " she said.

The CDC has no estimate of deaths so far this season, partly because it's so early.

Dr. Givelichian said two of the three preschoolers who succumbed to influenza in his province died in the pediatric intensive-care unit of the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, while a third died before the child could be airlifted to the same hospital.

Flu season is not over, and it's not too late to get vaccinated, Fry said.

"What is the most predominant symptom is that their level of oxygen in the blood is very low".

These estimates are cumulative and will be updated over the course of the annual flu season on Fridays. "They don't have the ability and capacity to generate enough oxygen for the rest of the body to survive the infection", Givelichian said. "It's certainly within time to still get it now".

She and other public-health experts urged Canadians who have not yet been vaccinated to get the shot as soon as possible. Anyone with flu complications or symptoms should seek medical treatment with an anti-viral drug, officials said. "By mandating, sometimes it can unfortunately have the effect of pushing people who were perhaps on the fence in the wrong direction".

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