Sen. Kamala Harris to announce presidential run

Angelo Anderson
January 14, 2019

During a recent interview on ABC's "The View" Harris stressed she believes that after President Trump, this country has evolved enough to have a woman of color as the leader of the free world.

"San Francisco is viewed as a very nutty place by people outside of California, and frankly, by a lot of people inside California", Sragow said.

The former California district attorney is known for supporting progressive issues such as single-payer health care, gun control and cannabis decriminalization. She'd also be a stronger presidential candidate if she focused on that campaign. And given the fact that California isn't popular in the rest of the country, she may have to run away from us.

Beyond the book, Harris supported legislation that passed the Senate late past year and overhauls the criminal justice system, especially when it comes to sentencing rules.

"That being said, I take full responsibility for anything that has happened in my office", she said.

Berkeley, where Harris was raised before her parents divorced and she moved with her mother and sister to Montreal, Canada, has also been dismissed by her strategists as not projecting the image they're looking for. These are the issues being presented to our country today.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was the head of the Senate's Judiciary Committee when the 1994 crime bill - which is now criticized as having helped create an era of mass incarceration - was passed and signed into law, which could be an obstacle for him. Meanwhile, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is also considering a 2020 bid, often refers to her own prosecutorial past. Elizabeth Warren of MA and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Sen.

However, with a possible presidential run on the horizon, Harris has gotten behind legalization.

During her MSNBC appearance Friday, she said the president's opponent should concentrate on communicating with voters, rather than engaging with Trump on every controversial statement he makes.

"The buzz is that the Republicans are cracking a little bit underneath the pressure", Colbert said.

While Harris has not confirmed plans to run, she is widely considered to be a potential 2020 candidate, along with Sen.

"Apparently you said you were going to make a decision after the holidays as to whether you were going to run for president", Goldberg said. And I think it's good for the party.

I wonder if she'll invite the Knights of Columbus.

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