United Kingdom family forced to sit on floor on flight

Lloyd Doyle
January 14, 2019

Paula Taylor was travelling to Birmingham Airport with her husband and daughter on TUI Airways.

The family had seat numbers 41 D, E and F, but they were told that the seats were no longer available due to a change of aircraft. However once in the air, they had to move as the crew were preparing food and drinks.

But for one British family returning from a summer vacation past year, all these minor inconveniences pale in comparison to the nightmare flight they experienced traveling with TUI airlines.

A family were forced to sit on the floor for their two-hour TUI flight to Menorca after discovering their seats didn't exist.

However, Mrs Taylor said that she "got short shrift" from the airline when she personally complained immediately after the incident, despite having photographs of what had happened. Mrs Taylor's daughter Brooke was given that seat while she and her husband were given flip-up seats in the crew section.

But once the flight had taken off, crew were busy serving food and other items stored behind those seats and Mr and Mrs Taylor had to go and sit on the floor, in the space their seats should have been.

Paula Taylor added, however, that the co-pilot had come to sit with them on the floor, thanking the family for their "co-operation and understanding".

The airline said it had been forced to make a "last-minute aircraft change" which meant the family's assigned seats were unavailable.

The company has now offered a full refund for the family's £1 300 flights and will be contacting them directly to apologise.

Mrs Taylor said TUI offered her a £30 goodwill gesture when she raised a complaint. The newspaper explained that passengers must not be without a seat during any point of a flight, though they can use cabin crew seating in some situations.

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