You can't watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending at launch

Doris Richards
January 14, 2019

There are compilations that have brought all Kingdom Hearts games to one platform, but those that didn't both with any entries outside of the first game and the sequel will likely be confused on a few of Kingdom Hearts 3's narrative threads. Just like the Epilogue, only players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III will receive access to the Secret video.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a hotly anticipated title; fans of the series have been waiting for an officially numbered sequel since the PS2-era.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to be released on January 29, 2019, for PS4 and Xbox One. A secret movie is also on the way.

January 30: Epilogue video for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. Using this method, gamers who gain access to the game early in Japan starting January 25, and those who power through the campaign on January 29 should be unable to immediately spoil the ending and "ruin" the game for those who've yet to complete it. However, you don't need to download anything extra to watch the story and so, you don't need an Internet connection for that. It will include the usual data fixes games see on launch day. However, those players without an internet connection will still get to see the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. Furthermore, certain criteria have to be fulfilled while playing the game to view it. On January 31st, the secret video will become available. We're not sure what these requirements are yet, but the tweet outlines that the conditions for the secret ending will differ based on which difficulty you're playing on. To view this video, players will have to beat the game and see the regular ending to unlock it. Stay tuned right here to find out what that criteria is.

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