Google Maps to display speed limits in Android, iOS app

Doris Richards
January 21, 2019

Google Maps also notifies drivers how long it will take if they choose another route.

The lack of speed limit alerts in Google Maps has been a particular area of frustration for users.

It's unknown if Google is rolling out the speed limit feature in more destinations, however, Google Maps has recently received more updates, Engadget reported.

It packs a range of features and can even send messages on your behalf - as you drive. You will see a new speed limit icon presented in the below-left side if the navigation display screen. The long-awaited feature was also slightly off as it only allowed users to report crashes and speed traps but users failed to see what others reported. Therefore, although all the reports so far have been from Android users, iPhone owners are likely to start seeing speed warnings as well. That might change soon, though, given that one tipster from New York City, another from Los Angeles, and yet another from Minnesota all tipped us about seeing the speed limits tonight.

First discovered by ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, the 19 apps he tested were navigation apps with over one million installs each, totalling a combined install base of more than 50 million.

The new commute tab is located in the toolbar at the bottom of the Google Maps app, between the "Explore" and "For you" tabs.

As we've mentioned several times in recent weeks, even though it's a much more complete (and complex) application, Google Maps still cannot compete with Waze when it's time to travel by auto. Now speed limit signs are appearing in Google Maps. In conclusion, we can only say that there are only a few useful companies that can actually help you to navigate such as Apple, Google, and some other company.

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