Google’s AI Will Block 100 Million Extra Gmail Spam Messages

Doris Richards
February 8, 2019

With the help of TensorFlow, Google's in-house machine learning (ML) network, the tech giant now claims to be blocking out additional 100 million spam messages every day from invading the privacy of its users by showing up in their Gmail inbox. Google's AI framework TensorFlow will be trained to additionally filter Gmail inboxes, the company announced.

The platform was launched in 2015 by Google and is an open source framework. It's still an impressive achievement, of course, especially when you consider how many unwanted messages it already blocks.

Google's Gmail is used by 1.5bn people each month with 5m businesses using the service as part of G Suite and one of the biggest draws of the service is its built-in security protections.

Before implementing TensorFlow-powered protection features, Google's effectiveness in blocking spam, phishing, and malware attempts was pretty great, but now it's essentially flawless.

Applying ML at scale can be both complex and time consuming which is why TensorFlow contains many components to make ML easier and more efficient. It supplements current detection by finding emails with hidden embedded content, image-based messages, and messages from newly created domains that may try to hide a low volume of spam emails within legitimate traffic. As reported by The Verge, the company says incorporating TensorFlow into Gmail will enable it to personalise spam filters in a better manner.

Instead of focusing on just a few of an email's characteristics that could seem "spammy" at a first glance or coincidentally fit with general spam-eliminating guidelines and red flags, ML provides a more complete view of suspicious messages, looking at all available signals before making a final determination. This complete process has been taking place for years where Gmail looks for some particular signals from users on the basis of which it judges the spam. "But CxOs want to see proof points before adopting technologies, so that's why Google is showcasing its internal uptake of TensorFlow for fighting spam".

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