Spotify bans all ad-blockers

Doris Richards
February 9, 2019

And it can terminate your account without warning if you use them. When the new terms of service come into force on March 1, Spotify will instantly ban users who are avoiding ads.

Popular music-streaming platform Spotify has updated its terms and conditions policy, and as part of it, it will block users' accounts if a user is found using ad blockers.

Those caught using the software were sent emails warnings that their accounts may be shut down if they kept using the third-party apps. It seems as though this softer approach hasn't been enough of a deterrent for the platform, which will instead begin enforcing stricter punishments as of March 1.

13-year-old Spotify reported its first quarterly operating profit of €94 million ($107 million) and now has 96 million subscribers. While subscriptions make up nearly 90 percent of its revenue, the company still wants to protect the money it generates from ads.

Spotify warned users of possible of suspension and termination early previous year and given an opportunity to reactivate their accounts after uninstalling the ad-blockers. If you break this rule (or any of the user guidelines), it "may result in immediate termination or suspension of your Spotify account".

While the music streaming service has a decent number of paying users, a large percentage of the userbase stick with free, ad-supported accounts. You do have to wonder if this will have the desired effect for Spotify, or simply make those individuals determined not to block adverts work harder to find techniques that can't be mitigated against.

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