There Might Be A Camera Inside The Galaxy Note 10's Stylus

Doris Richards
February 9, 2019

This camera which is going to be embedded into the styles could be operated by an external button while another button which is placed on the lower side of the Stylus will be allowing its users to zoom in and out. Other information included in the patent document also revealed that the optical zoom on the stylus can be controlled using a built-in control key or via external devices. In fact, we're not even sure that the camera on the S Pen is meant to replace the Galaxy Note's selfie camera. Others have tested "periscope-like" lens arrangements to bypass body thickness impacts - most recently Oppo teased such a 10x optical zoom smartphone system. For its next S Pen trick, it may put a camera inside.

In the patent filing, Samsung describes a method of embedding a single lens and an optical image sensor inside the S Pen.

The patent drawings for the next-gen S Pen stylus show the optical lenses in the base of the pen with an image sensor about a quarter of the way down inside the stylus. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Samsung's patent which could ensure that the S Pen also functions as a camera with a superior optical zoom system, reports PatentlyMobile.

Smartphone makers are experimenting with ideas like pop-up cameras and hole-punch displays to get rid of the notch, but Samsung has a very unique idea to accomplish the feat. Much like Note 9's stylus, the patent suggests the new S-Pen will have its own inbuilt battery.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 delivered a significantly upgraded S-Pen, using Bluetooth to enable a variety of features.

Samsung filed for the patent in 2017 and was given it yesterday, February 5. Honestly though, that sounds like kind of a faff - busting out the S-Pen every time you want to practice your pout. For instance, users can hold down the button on the S Pen to open the camera app, tap the button once to take a photo or double tap to switch between the front or rear camera.

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