Amazon offers suggestions on facial recognition guidance

Lloyd Doyle
February 10, 2019

Government oversight: In a blog post today, Michael Punke, Amazon's vice president of global policy, defended the reliability of the company's technology, but he also said: "We support the calls for an appropriate national legislative framework that protects individual civil rights and ensures that governments are transparent in their use of facial recognition technology". When facial recognition technology is used in law enforcement, human review is a necessary component to ensure that the use of a prediction to make a decision does not violate civil rights. 3. "We will continue to work with partners across industry, government, academia, and community groups on this topic because we strongly believe that facial recognition is an important, even critical, tool for business, government, and law enforcement use", Punke concludes.

‪Last month, tech heavyweight Microsoft Corp announced similar principles for the use of its facial recognition technology, saying it would recommend barring the technology from being used to engage in unlawful discrimination and would encourage customers to be transparent when deploying such services. Punke writes that facial recognition matches should not be the sole determinant for making arrests or identifying persons of interest in a criminal investigation.

Also, he said, there should be a notice posted if video surveillance is combined with facial recognition in any public or commercial setting.

While the usage of facial recognition technology is growing across the world, the absence of any data protection and data privacy law in India makes the country ill-prepared to deal with the misuse of the technology, experts said on Friday. The company is engaging with NIST and other stakeholders, and supports efforts by academics to establish independent trusted criteria, benchmarks, and evaluation protocols for facial recognition.

"New technology should not be banned or condemned because of its potential misuse", he added. "Best practices" should be developed, implemented, and taught.

Facial recognition to verify seller identity? Amazon, however, has reportedly expressed reservations over the bill.

Amazon is trying to cut down on multiple seller profiles, a problem linked to fake sellers and counterfeit goods, and prompted the user to take a video with his webcam, without an option to decline. might be experimenting with a new seller verification programme which requires sellers wishing to register across its site to record a five-second video of their face. Amazon disputes the findings of both studies. Matt Cagle, a California based technology and civil liberties attorney, wanted to know. He maintains that Amazon's company's own product is highly accurate. This has not stopped the proliferation of numerous ghost or stealth accounts, according to former Amazon marketplace investigator and selling consultant Chris McCabe.

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