Coca-Cola launching brand new flavor

Lloyd Doyle
February 10, 2019

An Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar will also be making its debut.

Soft drinks giant, The Coca-Cola Company are known for their quirky and light-hearted tone aside from the iconic fizzy goodness that is the Coke drink itself.

"What we realized is that we had a diamond in the rough when we looked at our flavors portfolio".

Coca-Cola says it tested raspberry, lemon in ginger in focus groups, but orange and vanilla came out as favorites.

Kate Carpenter, Coca-Cola's Brand Director, reported that consumers said they would buy the new flavor in addition to the original version, thanks to its "unique and different" flavor in a market dominated by cherry.

The companies have pulled Diet Coke napkins that encouraged people to write down their phone number on them and hand them to their "plane crush", reports Fox News.

Cherry Coke is going to have some new competition. The Orange Vanilla Coke Zero doesn't smell or taste as orange-heavy. The relaunch included a slight recipe change to make "the great taste Coke Zero fans love even better and a lot like a Coke" as well as a name change, switching to Coke Zero Sugar. "We only tweaked the blend of natural flavors, which are proprietary to Coca-Cola, so the ingredient list on the Nutrition Facts Panel on cans and bottles is the same".

The brilliant minds that brought us New Coke are back at it again with a flavor concoction that is sure to win hearts, minds, tastebuds, dollars, and possibly doctor visits.

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