Florida man dances through DUI sobriety test

Lester Mason
February 10, 2019

A Florida man who danced through his field sobriety tests after being found sleeping in his running truck is facing a DUI charge.

Law enforcement officials from Holiday, Florida released video of DUI suspect Christopher Ryan Larson, 33, while warning that though it may seem amusing, driving under the influence comes with serious, and potentially deadly consequences.

The driver, identified as Christopher Larson, was told to unlock the vehicle and put it in park. Local media reported that deputies said Larson had a blood alcohol content of 0.28, three times the legal limit of 0.08.

Larson appears to bust out some fancy dance moves to evade arrest - but needless to say, the deputy was not impressed. Larson also allegedly told the deputy he thought he was in Clearwater.

Larson later spoke with Fox 13 and said he would not call what he in the video dancing and would not comment on the arrest.

'You're not complete? OK, continue please until you complete it, ' the deputy says.

At one point in the tests, Larson was instructed to walk heel-to-toe across a piece of tape stretched out on the ground.

The man got out of the vehicle, but the deputy said it was still in drive and began to roll forward.

At that time, Larson seemed disorientated and waved to the police officer, the arrest report says.

A field sobriety test was performed, and Larson appeared disoriented and did not follow proper instructions - even dancing along the line during the exercise, according to deputies.

The incident took place near the intersection of Berry Hill Road and Grand Boulevard.

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