Brexit: Theresa May Begging MPs for More Time to Amend Her 'Deal'

Lester Mason
February 11, 2019

As we get ever closer to Brexit, ministers have indicated that MPs will get the chance to vote again on Theresa May's Brexit strategy but it is not clear when and how.

The EU and the Irish Government have insisted that the backstop is the best way of guaranteeing there will be no hard border in Ireland.

The promise is a bid to avert a showdown on Thursday, when Parliament is set to debate and vote on next moves in the Brexit process.

But in an effort to see off attempts to bind the Government's hands, Downing Street is promising another opportunity to table amendments - which are likely to include measures aimed at taking a no-deal Brexit off the table - on February 27.

When the United Kingdom had been bracing for a hard-Brexit and multinational businesses including financial institutions had been sweeping away their assets from Britain in to other Eurozone countries in order to be connected with the eurozone business following an uncertain Brexit, the UK PM May has again been sent to Brussels to renegotiate a Brexit amendment with the European Union commission.

But there is no commitment to hold a binding vote on the deal itself by the end of the month.

She said: 'Firms are having to plan in the here and now for a no-deal Brexit with all of the pain that that will bring.

"We should strive every sinew to get an acceptable deal over the line, but ready ourselves in case the European Union rejects all reasonable compromise".

The opposition accuses May of wanting to force MPs to make an all-or-nothing vote between her deal and a chaotic Brexit shortly before Britain is set to leave the European Union on March 29.

"We can't allow that to happen", Starmer said. "There needs to be a day when Parliament says that's it, enough is enough".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has written to the prime minister setting out his demands for a Brexit deal he could support, accused May of an "utterly cynical" approach. "And that's what we want to do this week".

"Or the only way to break the impasse is to have a public vote, and that remains our policy".

Treasury chief secretary Liz Truss refused to rule out quitting if May did accept the demand for a customs union. "It would be economically very, very risky for Britain, and for the peace process in Ireland it would potentially be devastating, ' he told Sky News" Sophy Ridge On Sunday.

Truss said the United Kingdom must have an "independent trade policy" and questioned whether a customs union could command a majority in Parliament.

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