Emergency Declared As Polar Bears 'Invade' Remote Russian Settlement

Lester Mason
February 11, 2019

Since December previous year, 52 polar bears have visited the archipelago's main settlement, Belushya Guba, with six to 10 remaining in the village and some displaying "aggressive behaviour", local official Alexander Minaev said in a report to authorities.

He said: "Parents are wary of letting children go to schools and kindergartens".

One polar bear is frightening enough; measuring up to three metres long, weighing up to 800 kilograms and armed with massive claws and teeth, it is the world's largest land carnivore.

A team of experts would be sent to Novaya Zemlya to assess the bears' behavior, the TASS report said, adding that the country's environmental watchdog had denied licenses allowing the killing of aggressive bears.

There were cases of wild animals' aggression when they attacked people and entered residential buildings and offices.

"There are constantly six to 10 bears inside the settlement", he said.

According to the scientist, so many polar bears have never been spotted in that area.

"They told us there was a female polar bear with a cub, which spent its evenings under the station's windows", Shevchenko said, according to the BBC.

Belushya Guba is the main settlement on a remote archipelago to the north of the Russian mainland.

For protection against the animals were placed in the vicinity of kindergartens, additional fencing, and personnel on Novaya Zemlya stationed Russian air force and air defense troops with special vehicles to work.

However, residents risk being prosecuted if they attempt to shoot the endangered bears.

While Russia considers them endangered and their hunting is banned, the animals have been increasingly causing trouble to thousands of people.

With Arctic sea ice diminishing because local weather commerce, polar bears are forced to commerce their wanting habits and employ beyond regular time on land having a see meals - which doubtlessly locations them in battle with other folks.

Officials said it is hoped that firearms will not be needed to drive the bears away, but they cautioned that culling of the animals can not be ruled out.

Novaya Zemlya head Zhigansha Musin said it was unusual for so many polar bears to show up near human settlements and the emergency will only be called off once the government was able to determine the area safe and secured.

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