Fitbit's New Health Tracker Is Only Available Through Employers And Health Insurers

Doris Richards
February 11, 2019

FITBIT HAS SNEAKED out a new fitness tracker, but it's not one you'll be able to buy for yourself.

The Fitbit Inspire provides the most primary health tracker features essentially, together with exercise and sleep monitoring, burnt energy monitor, transfer reminders, objective celebrations, and cell alerts.

The HR is the more feature-rich option, boasting heart rate monitoring and support for Global Positioning System if connected to your smartphone.

While many health insurance providers give out Apple Watches as a way of improving (and tracking) customer lifestyle, the Fitbit Inspire is considerably more bare bones. It comes with a touchscreen display and can be used while swimming.

Fitbit Inspire's HR variant includes heart rate tracking and a couple of other features. Inspire HR can also monitor a user's sleep stages - light, deep, and REM. It also has a claimed battery life of up to 5 days and is available in two colour variants: black and sangria.

Fitbit now has over 6.8 million wellness program members that are using fitness trackers. While the product listing for the Inspire HR says that it comes with a silicon band, the Inspire has a clip accessory which is sold separately.

Fitbit Inspire and its advanced version Fitbit Inspire HR have been introduced and are reportedly the company's cheapest as of date, but they are purchasable exclusively by corporate employees and health insurance members. A handful of pictures leaked by TechnoBuffalo reveal what appears to be a kid-friendly fitness tracker.

Given that nothing substantial is known about this upcoming fitness tracker, it's unlikely to get launched before the end of Q2 2019.

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