Four Hulu Marvel Animated Shows on the Way

Angelo Anderson
February 11, 2019

Hulu announced at the TCA Winter tour panel this morning that they are officially taking advantage of their upcoming Disney 60 percent ownership by producing four adult animation series around the characters: Marvel's M.O.D.O.K, Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Marvel's Tigra & Dazzler Show and Marvel's Howard The Duck. Out of all these off-kilter announced series, this one-even with only a vague description-seems most poised to feel refreshing compared to the usual Marvel comic-TV fare. Like every one of the new series, Loeb will also serve as an EP on the show of the politically progressive Tigra and Dazzler as they try to get their superpowered heads, hands and hearts around life in the City of Angels. Now, a new foursome of original animated series (and a special uniting the title characters) will be coming to a streaming service near you. Netflix series host and comedian Chelsea Handler will team up with South Park vet Erica Rivinoja to write this series, which will be set in Los Angeles and put the heroes together as "best friends" (in spite of the two heroes having little contact in comic books up until this point).

Notably missing from that list of writers is George Lucas, who infamously botched Howard The Duck's biggest mainstream moment in a 1986 feature film. There have been successful Marvel animated series for Disney channels, but nothing for adult Marvel fans.

In the series, Howard the Duck is trapped in a world he never made, but America's favorite fighting fowl hopes to return home with the help of his unstoppable gal pal Beverly before the evil Dr. Bong can turn him the crispiest dish on the menu... Comedian/actor/writer Patton Oswalt will work on that show along with Community's Jordan Blum. The former revolves around "a pissed off Japanese snow monkey who tries to take on and take down Tokyo's crime underworld with the ghost of an American assassin by his side", while the latter will deal with Marvel supervillain he attempts to deal with his ego and family issues. That show comes from Blades Of Glory and Office Christmas Party creators Josh Gordon and Will Speck. Jeph Loeb will executive produce.

The pack of weirdos, including MODOK, Dazzler, Tigra, Hit Monkey and Howard the Duck, will then "team up in order to save the world and certain parts of the Universe" Marvel's The Offenders. "Marvel's Howard the Duck" comes from writersKevin Smith and Dave Willis, with Smith, Willis, and Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producers. Jeph Loeb will executive produce.

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