Is this the Next Samsung S10?

Doris Richards
February 11, 2019

Chipmaker Qualcomm announced its new mobile processor, the Snapdragon 855, which will enable mobile devices to connect to the latest mobile networking standard, 5G.

T-Mobile is also developing its 5G network with an estimated roll-out of 2020.

This Samsung S10 concept brings together numerous leaks and rumors floating around out there to give us a glimpse of what we might expect from the brand's next Galaxy smartphone lineup.

The folks at Patently Mobile spotted the patent, which was filed with the US Patent Office earlier this year, and hints at the possibility of Samsung using what it refers to as "force touch" technology in its smartphones, (which we already knew) but also smartwatches. As per Engadget, the smartphone was streaming 4K video using Verizon's upcoming 5G network. While each new generation of Snapdragon usually finds its way into flagship Android phones, it's unclear which models will run the Snapdragon 855 with 5G connectivity.

Samsung Electronics and Verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the US, will launch a 5G smartphone in the the first half of next year, the two company has announced.

"Samsung offers end-to-end solutions that are accelerating the wide scale adoption of 5G and help us realize our vision of truly connected living", said Justin Denison, senior vice president, Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. Verizon launched the world's first commercial 5G home broadband service. The potential limitation of 5G could be a reason why it's unlikely we'll see 5G-capable iPhones next year.

Additionally, the next-gen top-of-the-line chip comes with support for Qualcomm's newly announced 3D Sonic Sensor which is an ultrasonic type of fingerprint sensor that's fast and accurate. In addition, the company says that its 3D Sonic Sensor will be able to detect fingerprints, even if there are "numerous contaminants" on the display, while providing high levels of accuracy and security.

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