Roger Stone argues against gag order, says he's no Kim Kardashian

Lester Mason
February 11, 2019

The show of force has prompted criticism of the tactics of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office.

Lawyers for Stone, a political consultant who has made a career out of attention-seeking, bare-knuckles politics, say in a new court filing that any limits on their client's public comments would infringe on his First Amendment right to free speech. And Stone, who has pleaded not guilty, asks that the judge allow his case to be randomly assigned. He also deployed the classic "I'm less famous than Kim Kardashian" defense. That lack of fame means he will be able to have an unbiased jury when his case goes to trial.

"An example of how limited and narrow his public presence is, is that Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter".

Having addressed Twitter, Stone then moved on to Instagram. "On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has 126 million followers".

As head of the Justice Department, Whitaker overseas the Special Counsel probe that ordered the raid and handed down the Stone indictments.

"Whether it is his pursuit of a posthumous pardon for Marcus Garvey, or the style of his clothes, or the state of the Nation, Roger Stone is a voice", his attorneys wrote.

Like many conservatives, Carlson has raised suspicions that Stone's arrest was politically motivated.

Those appearances caught the judge's attention last week when she encouraged Stone not to treat his case like a "book tour". One agent swings the firearm around as he scans and surveys Stone's front porch. But in a separate filing Friday, Stone argued prosecutors have not produced sufficient evidence to show the relation. U.S. intelligence officials claim the emails were stolen during Russian cyber-attacks on Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers.

It is unclear when the judge will rule. He is charged with lying about his attempts to reach WikiLeaks as it planned to publish documents stolen by the Russians in 2016. Yet, Stone said he was still shocked when he opened the door. Twenty minutes later, the same camera shows agents leading Roger Stone back into his house.

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