There's A Huge Mistake In This World Map IKEA Is Selling

Lloyd Doyle
February 11, 2019

One person posted on Twitter: 'What's the deal Ikea with forgetting an entire country off the world maps you are selling?

It's the Ikea map that's sure to add more fuel to a conspiracy theory held by one Antipodean nation that they are being wiped from the Earth.

A photo of the map being sold in an Ikea store in Washington DC was posted to Reddit on Thursday.

The statement provided to the BBC apologised for the omission, but does not directly apologise to New Zealand, or even mention the country.

"We will take the necessary actions and the product is now being phased out from our stores".

"I have no doubt that a trained cartographer had no involvement in the creation of these products for Ikea", Lovell Johns Ltd's Liz Murray wrote. It has not been specified where or when it will be built.

This is not the first time Ikea has advertised a misleading world map. A Reddit user recently pointed out that the retailer's $29 "Our World" BJÖRKSTA map is missing the country completely.

A commenter on the Reddit post questioned: "Wonder if they're going to sell these maps in the new Auckland store". This week, Ikea issued an apology after selling world map that didn't include New Zealand. The poster spotted the awkward error on the "Björksta" world map at a Washington DC store.

"New Zealand, where the bloody hell are ya?"

"New Zealand is being left off world maps, around the world".

The comedian conducted an extensive investigation into the conspiracy, finding that New Zealand has been left off many maps, including the game of Risk, Vancouver International Village, Central Park Zoo, Spanish in-flight magazines and Starbucks, among others.

Marketing officer Justin Flitter created a Facebook page called "Bring Ikea to New Zealand" way back in April 2009, which has over 20,000 likes.

Not since that underarm bowling incident from the 1981 one-dayer between Australia and New Zealand has there been so much outrage from across the Tasman.

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