Hololens 2 teased by Microsoft for pre-MWC 2019 reveal

Doris Richards
February 12, 2019

Microsoft is continuing to tease an official unveiling of its next HoloLens mixed reality device at Mobile World Congress later this month.

This no doubt points to Microsoft's February 24th, 2019 pre-MWC conference, which the company has already confirmed will feature an appearance from Kipman, as well as company CEO Satya Nadella and corporate vice president Julia White.

The original HoloLens remains at present, at best, a hobbyist device, primarily reserved for enterprise users, while the Windows Mixed Reality program headsets from the likes of Acer and ASUS are more consumer-facing takes on the headset concept. It's also likely to be a more lightweight design than the cumbersome original, which the renderings of what appears to be carbon fiber design too.

Microsoft has dropped its biggest hint yet that the HoloLens 2 is ready for launch, with the company releasing a teaser video indicating Barcelona's MWC 2019 will mark the arrival of the new augmented reality headset.

The field of view of the HoloLens V1 is often described as looking at the virtual world through a letterbox slot, and Microsoft is expected to improve this dramatically in version 2. He was involved with Kinect, but then moved over to the HoloLens project.

Whatever Microsoft has planned, Wareable will be on hand at MWC 2019 to report on all the details - stay tuned.

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