Zelda: Link's Awakening is Getting a Remake on Switch

Doris Richards
February 14, 2019

There had been whispers of a 2D Zelda along with the Mario Maker sequel, and a couple of other rumours turned out to be true, with BOXBOY!

I didn't expect to play a mech action game and a Tetris battle royale on my Switch this evening, but then again, it's a Nintendo Direct day. Keep an eye out for updated info as the game gets closer to release. Ultimate online, will soon be able to download Tetris 99. This is Tetris and battle royale combined. It's called Tetris 99, and as of right now you can get it on Nintendo Switch for free, provided you're a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. Judging by the game's teaser video, almost everything players will remember about the experience - including several series staples first made popular through 1991 SNES release Link to the Past - will be present in the latest release. Every game starts out the same, with different colored bricks dropping from the sky that you can rotate in any direction. You can target opponents by sending them Garbage Blocks, but be careful...your rivals can target you back!

Place higher in matches to gain more levels, which will help you match up against better players. If you want to jump straight into the Tetris playing part, skip to 4.04. Tell us in the comments.

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