Milestone: Capsule with dummy aboard docks at space station

Mindy Sparks
March 7, 2019

While Crew Dragon is created to remain docked to the space station for up to 210 days, this test of the spacecraft will be much shorter, ending early Friday morning. "This first launch of a space system designed for humans, and built and operated by a commercial company through a public-private partnership, is a revolutionary step on our path to get humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond".

Crew Dragon capsule flew into space at 2:49 AM ET and set itself into the Earth's orbit just 11 minutes after the launch at 3 AM ET.

The Crew Dragon will stay docked to the ISS until Friday and in all that time, the ISS crew members will unpack over 400 pounds of cargo the capsule carried with it and perform a series of tests.

The Crew Dragon craft launching from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida bound for the International Space Station.

While NASA broadcast video of everything from the launch to the docking, McClain's image of the capsule nearing the ISS should stand out as one of the most memorable documents of the Demo-1 test flight.

"As a country, we're looking forward to being one customer of many customers, in a robust commercial marketplace in low Earth orbit, so that we can drive down costs and increase access in ways that historically have not been possible", he said Saturday following Dragon's launch.

On Saturday, Spacex the firm owned by billionaire Ellon Musk made history with the launch of its dragon spacecraft.

A SpaceX test Dragon capsule with a dummy aboard was able to dock with the International Space Station safely.

"Well that's the very first space policy directive given by the President of the United States to me as the NASA administrator, that we're gonna go to the moon, and we're gonna go sustainably", said Bridenstine. The recovery was the 35th successful recovery SpaceX has completed. The next test for SpaceX will be the In-Flight Abort Test which is tentatively scheduled for June and then the crewed mission flight scheduled for July.

American astronaut Anne C. McClain looks through the hatch into the SpaceX Dragon capsule from the space station.

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