Israel's spacecraft snaps first selfie on way to moon

Mindy Sparks
March 9, 2019

But with Israel's Beresheet Mission, this impossible deed came to be true.

Thirteen days after it took off successfully from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida piggy-backed aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the Beresheet's camera took its first selfie photo from a distance of 37,600 kilometers from Earth.

Curiosity and InSight aren't the only spacefaring crafts snapping selfies - Israel's Beresheet spacecraft shared an image of itself floating far above the Earth this week. The image showing part of the Beresheet spacecraft with Earth in the background was beamed to mission control in Yehud, Israel - 37,600 kilometres away, the project's lead partners said in a statement.

In the photo of Earth, taken during a slow spin of the spacecraft, Australia is clearly visible.

A plaque installed on the outside of the lunar lander depicts Israel's national flag as well as the phrases "Am Yisrael Chai" (the people of Israel live) and "Small country, big dreams". It had missed a scheduled maneuver when its computer reset unexpectedly and automatically canceled the engine burn, but it remains on schedule to touch down on the moon on or around April 11. So far, only Russian Federation, the United States and China have made the 384,000-kilometre journey and landed on the moon. China's Chang'e-4 was the first ever spacecraft to land on the far side of the Moon on January 3. It also carries stories of survivors from Holocaust, Bible, Children drawing and more. Besides, India also has plans to become the fifth nation to land on the moon with its Chandrayaan-2 mission. It aims to put a craft with a rover onto the moon's surface to collect data.

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