Cautiously optimistic hiring climate predicted for Windsor

Lloyd Doyle
March 14, 2019

In total, 16 per cent of employers plan to increase staffing levels in the second quarter of the year, while three per cent expect cutbacks. "The remaining four per cent are unsure of hiring intentions".

According to the survey, hiring activity in Singapore is expected to remain modest for Q2 2019, with employers in Singapore reporting a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of +11%. Elsewhere, Kwazulu Natal employers anticipate some workforce gains with an Outlook of +5%, but Eastern Cape employers report uncertain hiring plans with an Outlook of -1%. Employers in Professional & Business Services have a +23% employment Outlook fueled by growing demand for knowledge workers with the right balance of human strengths including communication and collaboration and technical capabilities from coding to data analytics.

Hiring intentions outside of London are increasingly conservative heading into Spring nearly across the board, including the East (down nine points to +3%), Wales (down nine points to 0%), the South West (down seven points to +1%) and North East (down five points to 0%).

The Net Employment Outlook is derived by taking the percentage of employers anticipating an increase in hiring activity and subtracting from this the percentage of employers expecting to see a decrease in employment at their location in the next quarter.

"Ultimately the biggest piece of insight I can give is for job seekers to understand the skills gap, understand that there is work out there, but understanding what you're skill set versus what's skill set that's needed and bridging that gap", Borhot said.

Hiring prospects strengthen in five of the 10 industry sectors when compared with the previous quarter.

Another sector that is much more downbeat this quarter is Transport, Storage and Comms, which has now recorded a negative employment Outlook for three straight quarters, reaching -4 percent this quarter, its least optimistic Outlook since 2010.

Employers said they expect spring hiring levels to be unchanged in construction, transportation and utilities, and wholesale and retail trades. When compared to the results of last year's Edmonton outlook, it's a decrease of five percentage points. The most notable improvements of 6 percentage points are reported in the Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector, the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sector and the Manufacturing sector.

United States regions. All regions in the USA reported positive second-quarter hiring plans.

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