Google sets new Guinness World Record on Pi Day

Doris Richards
March 14, 2019

They made their announcement today, on Pi day which falls on March 14th, or 3.14, the U.S. format of the date, in its most basic form.

This experiment consumed 170 terabytes of data and took nearly four months to complete.

In doing so, Google has also set a new Guinness World Record beating the old one by 9 trillion digits more.

It took Iwao four months and 25 Google Cloud virtual machines to calculate pi to a sprawling 31.4 trillion digits - breaking the previous record of 22.4 trillion set by Peter Trueb in 2016. She first downloaded the software to calculate Pi at the age of 12 on her home computer. It is defined as the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter.

"We use Pi for everything in our daily lives - designing buildings, building bridges, highways", Iwao said in a video about her achievement.

A member of Google's staff has broken the world record for calculating Pi to the highest number of digits - at 31 trillion. It's an irrational number that continues infinitely without repetition. The semi-official holiday for the unique number is celebrated by eating actual pies.

"The biggest challenge with pi is that it requires a lot of storage and memory to calculate", Haruka Iwao said.

Most people will be familiar with the first few digits of pi from geometry class (3.14.).

Iwao said she had help with the final calculation from Alexander Yee, who invented a program called "y-cruncher" for computing pi and other constants.

'I was very fortunate that there were Japanese world record holders that I could relate to myself.

Beyond being a convenient way to promote Google's own cloud products, Iwao's record shows how far cloud computing technology has come. During the entire time it took for calculations, the Google Cloud server were kept switched on to avoid any interruptions.

"In terms of how long this record might stand, we can't predict the future".

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