Marvel is reportedly making a 'What If' animated series for Disney+

Angelo Anderson
March 14, 2019

/Film's exclusive report says Marvel Studios will be behind the all-new animated series that will be based on a variety of What If? titles. With Tom Hiddleston already confirmed to star in his own live action Loki series, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a stipulation in his contract that made it so he had to voice an episode of What If too.

Reported by /Film, the What If? comics are essentially theoretical stories that are created as fun, fan-service issues that had no bearing on any Marvel canon or continuity - and the Disney+ series will reportedly operate the same way. Details on whether the series will adapt more stories from the comics (aside from the tale mentioned earlier) or create entirely new scenarios are now unknown, though they will be based on what fans have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as opposed to comic book canon.

The deal is expected to bring about some tremendous changes in the industry, but for Marvel, the way will be soon clear for Boss Kevin Feige to bring in Fantastic Four and X-Men into MCU. Most notably, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four could finally become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while the likes of Avatar, Alien, and the Predator will also be controlled by Disney. Thanos Joined The Avengers?' 'What If... Can you imagine what it would have been like if Captain America survived and lived up until now? What if the Hulk always has Bruce Banner's brain (something the movies have touched upon). What if Phoenix had not died? While these comics are non-canon, elements have managed to leak into proper Marvel lore, including the introduction of Spider-Girl in What If Vol. 2 #105 - What if Spider-Man and Mary Jane's child had survived? What if the world knew Daredevil is blind? What if the Avengers had become pawns of Korvac?

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