Microsoft's Translucent Xbox Controller Is Now Available in White

Doris Richards
March 14, 2019

While it may be some time before that functionality arrives, the reverse has become easier than ever today, courtesy of Microsoft's newly-updated "Wireless Display" app.

Microsoft continues to break down the barriers between consoles and PCs, now allowing you to play games you might have on your PC via an Xbox One in a rather nifty way.

How does it all work?

Although best suited for entertainment and screen-sharing, Microsoft is also pushing its gaming capabilities - bringing PC games to your Xbox One. There's a 3.5mm audio headphone jack for directly connecting a wired headset, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, and support for custom button mapping via the Xbox Accessories companion app. Of course, you can stream more than just games to your Xbox One - presentations, videos, and other stuff can be cast to your console, as well.

Are you primarily a PC/Xbox One gamer, who sometimes has a hankering to play your computer games on your TV from the comfort of your couch? As long as both devices are on the same wireless network, users can enjoy increased performance and reliability with low latency, no P2P connection required. However, the Xbox One's native mouse and keyboard support seemingly doesn't translate, requiring the use of your device's own input.

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