Stephen Hawking's life is set to be celebrated with a 50p coin

Mindy Sparks
March 14, 2019

The coin's design features a black hole represented by concentric circles as well as his most famous equation, which suggested that black holes were not completely black but emitted radiation - now known as Hawking radiation.

Physicist Hawking presented astounding works on black holes, which were the inspiration of the designer while working on the coin.

Hawking, who died on March 14 past year, had once said that he thought his discovery that black holes were not entirely black would be his "greatest achievement".

It's been a year since the renowned and profoundly influential physicist Stephen Hawking passed away, and the Royal Mint has honoured his legacy in the form of a new commemorative 50 pence coin.

Hawking's children Lucy and Tome Hawking visited the Royal Mint to see the coin.

"Stephen Hawking made hard subjects accessible, engaging and relatable and this is what I wanted to portray in my design, which is inspired by a lecture he gave in Chile in 2008", Ellis said.

But he was also a global star - his 1988 book "A Brief History of Time" was an unlikely worldwide bestseller, and he appeared as himself in television shows from "The Simpsons" to "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

The coin pays tribute to Stephen Hawking's work in black holes.

Not only is it just the thing to remind you of one of the greatest minds in modern science, it's handy just in case you forget how to calculate the thermodynamic entropy of a Schwarzschild black hole of a given mass.

With this coin, Stephen Hawking becomes one of an elite group of scientists to have been honoured on United Kingdom coins, alongside the likes of Charles Darwin in 2009 and Sir Isaac Newton in 2017.

He once told the BBC he thought his discovery that black holes were not entirely black would be his "greatest achievement".

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