United Kingdom attorney general challenges new Brexit deal

Lester Mason
March 14, 2019

If Members of Parliament (MPs) vote for a no-deal that means the United Kingdom will leave the bloc on 29 March without any rules of regulations in place to replace those that were in place during the membership of the EU.

Even if he changes his legal advice and endorses the new deal, May still has a huge task ahead to persuade enough members of her own Conservative Party to support her plan in Tuesday night's vote.

"It complicates the issue, it leaves us with the possibility still of a no-deal Brexit, and uncertainty over politics more generally".

Labour MPs pressing for a "common market 2.0" kind of Brexit said they were conducting intensive shuttle diplomacy between Jeremy Corbyn's team and Conservative MPs who might be ready to back the idea.

Or will they accept that this deal is the only one on the table, and that nothing else is possible between now and either March 29 or June 30 - so they simply must hold their noses and vote for it, to avoid political chaos and a possible no-deal Brexit?

Speaking to journalists shortly before the legal advice was released, Tory MP Mark Francois, the deputy chairman of the European Research Group of Brexiteers, said Mr Cox's legal advice would "have to be pretty amazing" to convince him to back the deal.

MPs could then potentially vote on May's deal for a third time. However, the idea that a Labour Brexit is still in play is likely to infuriate those Labour members who think the party's priority should be pushing for a referendum. "We will keep our powder dry".

Late last night, May and her Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay secured a new agreement with European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker, which included ensuring that there will be "no indefinite backstop" - the key sticking point for many hard-line Brexiteers who May must win over.

The British parliament is going to vote on the Brexit deal again later Tuesday. "We're at five minutes to midnight, so it's got to be an off-the-shelf model", he said. A second referendum? A new general election in the United Kingdom?

• GBP plunges after UK Attorney General gives trashes May's last-minute deal with the EU.

With Britain poised to leave the European Union on March 29, the country has endured a long battle over the deal to depart the 28-member block.

Others said it was now up to Snow to reply to the attorney general.

"We believe this deal has a chance". So instead let's take the first few months of the transition period to make those decisions as part of the article 50 process instead.

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