Viral challenge encourages people to clean up garbage

Mindy Sparks
March 14, 2019

These challenges become so popular that all sorts of people do it to spread the word from celebrities to politicians everyone.

The #Trashtag Challenge encourages people from all over the world to clean up the parks, beaches, and streets that are really dirty.

The hashtag made a comeback in March, with people beginning to use the #Trashtag hashtag to share pictures of themselves, as well as before and after shots, of public areas that had once been covered in garbage and were now clean. Here are some pictures from the subreddit.

Thankfully, this one is not asking anyone to do anything risky or stupid, like last year's Bird Box Challenge.

The image was posted with the caption "This is just a work of an hour!" While not all of them are healthy or serve just the goal of entertainment, the newest challenge on the internet, maybe just the change we needed.

This challenge was well-received on Reddit, and many people started sharing the pics of their #trashtag challenge. And, due to all these challenges, many people have been seen accepting these challenges.

But perhaps the best litter picker of them all is this Extremely Good Boy called Midge, who has learned how to trade in plastic bottles for treats. What do you think about the Trashtag challenge and where in the Magic Valley could benefit from it the most?

The overwhelming photos of clean forests, beaches and even sidewalks has been flooding Twitter in the last month or so, but the challenge began with one avid hiker in partnership with outdoors company UCO Gear in 2015.

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