Ben Affleck defends his enormous phoenix back tattoo

Angelo Anderson
March 15, 2019

While on the show, the actor also opened up about his massive back tattoo - a full-color picture of a phoenix taking flight, which completely covers his back.

Next up, DeGeneres pulled up a pic of Affleck's infamous back tattoo that was snapped by paparazzi previous year while the actor was at the beach.

Here we see Ben laughing off the pain.

Affleck was first spotted with the huge design in 2015 while filming his upcoming Netflix movie, Live By Night.

And this time it was Ellen's turn.

And DeGeneres made sure she got some jabs in during his rap with her executive producer Andy Lassner.

"It did, not so much positive (attention)", Affleck acknowledged.

Even Ellen couldn't resist ribbing the father of two, joking that the multi-coloured bird is rising out of his "ass".

When asked what it is, Affleck responded, "It's a phoenix", to which DeGeneres replied, "Rising out of your a**".

"It represents something very important to me". You know, life is good. Maybe just, we'll skip that.

"There's temptation to.... I could get depressed, I could feel like I've been through a lot; this was hard and that was hard, or I could be kind of embarrassed, but I have to say I feel so good now", Affleck told DeGeneres. "It wasn't like I was sort of doing photo shoots or whatever", he said of the pictures.

Keep it private he did.

He later dodged questions by claiming the design was actually fake for the movie and not a permanent addition.

Yeah. He lied right to Mario Lopez's lovely face.

"The sentiment ran, you know, against", he said. "I'm happy with it". "Luckily, I'm the one who has it", he said. The kids are healthy.

During his appearance, Ben spoke candidly about being grateful for all he has gone through since it's helped him get to the "great place" he's in now.

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