Lisa Page Admitted Obama DOJ Ordered Stand-Down on Hillary Prosecution

Lester Mason
March 15, 2019

"The president has been unfairly attacked from the moment he was elected in November 2016 on many fronts and now we're beginning just to see the vast scope of what most of us knew, that Ms. Clinton was treated completely differently than what we ended up seeing Trump being treated, and that's just wrong", Collins, R-Ga., said on "Hannity".

Strzok, who played a leading role in the FBI's concurrent probes of Trump and Clinton, exchanged anti-Trump text messages with then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom Strzok confirmed he was having an affair.

Page makes clear in her testimony that Justice Department officials "did not feel they could sustain a charge" against Clinton, but that "nobody had a closed mind". And in the transcript that Collins has released, Page addresses the FBI's investigations of the 2016 Trump campaign's suspected Russian Federation connections as well as the 2016 Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy.

Aitan Goelman, Strzok's attorney, said in a statement Thursday: "Pete welcomes the release of the transcript of his closed-door testimony, which we have been calling for since he voluntarily testified last June".

"It is further evidence that, contrary to the impression that the President's allies in Congress tried to create with their selective and often inaccurate leaks, Pete at all times discharged his duties honorably, patriotically, and without regard to his personal political opinions", Goelman said.

The FBI was reportedly looking at recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her email scandal until the Obama-era Department of Justice told them not to. "We need to go, based on the gravity of this allegation, go investigate it and get to the bottom of it".

Strzok waged a similar defense during a contentious public hearing in July of previous year.

Page provided a similar explanation during her own closed-door interview, saying how she had urged caution in the investigation because if Trump didn't win, there was less of a national security concern. Collins said on the House floor Thursday that he meant to release additional transcripts from that GOP-led probe in the weeks ahead, in the name of transparency.

Former FBI Director James Comey, who spent much of his life as a registered Republican, announced in mid-2016 that Clinton would not be charged with any crimes but denounced her actions as "extremely careless".

Page's private testimony shows she told the committee that the Federal Bureau of Investigation once considered charging Clinton with "gross negligence" in connection with her private email server scandal. In media appearances following the tarmac meeting, Lynch - without disclosing her involvement in the case and seemingly already knowing the outcome of the investigation - said that she would "accept the recommendations" of the FBI.

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