Leave campaigners march on Westminster to protest possible Brexit delays

Lester Mason
March 17, 2019

It will then stop off in towns including Hartlepool, Pontefract, Doncaster and Wellingborough before arriving in London on March 29, when a mass rally will take place in Parliament Square. "Don't forgot the final vote is in the European Parliament".

The March To Leave's website says about the walk: "It is now clear the Westminster elite are preparing to betray the will of the people over Brexit".

The group says the vehicles will ensure "marchers, onlookers and the rest of the nation are reminded of the contradictions, lies and hypocrisies that Nigel Farage has peddled throughout his campaign to ensure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in the most disruptive and unsafe way possible".

Anti-Brexit protesters set off a flare with the European Union colours and shouted "exit Brexit" while some marchers called them "EU money grabbers", and one waved a fake blue passport in their direction.

It is understood that two advertising vans, made by the grassroots anti-Brexit campaign Led By Donkeys, will also be following the march.

Yet today he admitted he will only walk "some of it" as campaigners, who have been sponsored by supporters of his Leave Means Leave campaign, got underway. "The democracy in the parliament building has been spot on. They've got their no-deal taken off the table by four votes".

"They think they can walk all over us, well we are going to march back to them and tell them whatever tricks they play, if they extend it, if they don't deliver it, if we even have to fight this again, we will beat them again".

In contrast, one counter-protester told the Press Association "it's going to be a disaster if we leave".

One counter-protester, Frank Hindle, said he was there "to point out that not everybody agrees with this crowd".

After arriving in Hartlepool, the marcher's will move on to Middlesborough on Sunday.

Nigel added: "We've got 50 core marchers that are going to march all the way to London, and as each day goes by, different people will join".

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