Health officials confirm measles case in Dallas County

Leslie Hanson
April 6, 2019

A "Nurse on Call" phone line also will be operating from 10 1 p.m. Saturday to take questions.

"There is a risk of developing measles for up to 21 days after contact with a case of measles".

This is the first official case reported this year by the Maryland Department of Health, though there have been 387 cases confirmed in 15 other states through the end of March, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And they warn the public, and in this case, officials say others in the Baltimore region may have been exposed.

Seventeen people have been diagnosed with the contagious disease in the Vancouver area since February and two cases each were identified on Vancouver Island and in 100 Mile House, in the southern Cariboo region of B.C.

British Columbia is starting a two-month voluntary measles vaccine catch-up drive in an effort to vaccinate 95 per cent of youth before next fall's mandatory immunization registration of students across the province. The PIN can be obtained from your healthcare provider upon request. Individuals born before 1957 are presumed to be immune to measles.

High-risk individuals include those who are unvaccinated or unsure about vaccination status, pregnant women and those who are immune-compromised (have a weakened immune system due to illness and diseases like HIV, malnutrition and/or medications).

Measles is a highly contagious illness that can be prevented with the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, health officials added.

Under the declaration, which lasts for at least 30 days, anyone under 18 who is not vaccinated against measles is barred from public gathering places, including shopping malls, civic centres, schools, restaurants and even houses of worship. The fever increases and can get as high as 105 degrees. The measles virus may remain in the air for up to two hours.

A rash that is red, raised, blotchy; usually starts on face, spreads to trunk, arms, and legs 3-5 days after symptoms begin.

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