Hey Alexa, make me a doctor's appointment and don't violate HIPAA

Leslie Hanson
April 6, 2019

Amazon revealed new software that allows hospitals and health insurers to use voice tools to transfer patient information that is protected by the USA health privacy law known as HIPAA.

Livongo-the digital health company tackling chronic conditions while scooping up former executives from Allscripts and Cerner-has also built a new skill as part of the HIPAA-compliant service.

Caremerge, the award-winning HIPAA Compliant senior living technology company, is teaming up with Amazon, provider of Alexa voice technology, to bring Caremerge Voice to the fast growing senior living marketplace and deploy Alexa devices community-wide through a robust fleet management system. Through the new kit, select entities are allowed to build Alexa skills that securely send and receive protected patient health information.

To use the new Alexa skills at Providence St. Joseph, patients can simply ask Alexa to open Providence's health app, and Alexa will suggest appointment times within the next day at a clinic closest to the patient's home. "These skills are just the first step in making it easier for customers to manage their healthcare needs using just their voice-we're excited to see what developers build next", the company said in a statement.

It has created a program that lets patients in North and SC find an urgent care center or hospital location and schedule an appointment.

Cigna: Cigna Health today allows eligible employees to manage health improvement goals and earn wellness incentives.

As New York City-based family and ER doctor Janette Nesheiwat told Observer, the sensitive nature of private medical information will always be a priority for care providers, but when used efficiently, innovative tools like Alexa can help improve patients' quality of life.

Atrium Health: Users in North and SC can locate urgent care clinics and schedule appointments.

The three other initial program participants are Boston Children's Hospital, Cigna and Express Scripts. Customers of Livongo can connect Alexa to their glucose monitors and ask about their blood sugar reading. "We believe it is just one example of how voice technology can extend the care and support of our patients beyond the four walls of the hospital".

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